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Hi all, I have configured my Cisco 877 as a SSL VPN Gateway. I can connect to it when I have set the login method as local, however, when I change it to RADIUS I am no longer able to connect.I have also enabled RADIUS for Telnet and SSH and it does w...

voiper_99 by Level 1
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I have an ASA 5520 on which I've enabled EIGRP. There are two routers to which it is a neighbor and these have equal cost distance to a network across the network. The network will automatically load-balance but the default is on a per destination ba...

We have a VPN 3005 Concentrator. The user is running VPN client The user was able to login to Cisco VPN client successfully. However, he cannot access the share drive or the Mainframe. When he tried to open the share drive (ip addres...

Hi all,I would like to ask for a help:I got my hands on pix 501 and I'm supposed to run vpn on it in our network. It is placed behind an ADSL wifi router with dhcp. So i configured the outer interface to be part of our network ( I used h...

Hi all. My company has many site offices all over the world and the staff working in my HQ office need to support the multiple site offices worldwide. They do their support by establishing vpn to the various site office. All my site office are instal...

donnie by Level 1
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Hi, During these days I am reading about QOS configuration on ASA but I am bit confused on how to define the bandwidth. Suppose we have 2 MBPS link (1:1) and when we will define the bandwidth then what wud be the speed. As I know in 2MBPS we can get ...

ray_stone by Level 1
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I am wondering what the benefits of bridged mode are in both the FWSM and the ACE implemenation. I am so used to routing everything that I have never used the bridge feature.For my particular case I will have two server farms hanging directly off th...

jfraasch by Level 3
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Hi Please let me know if the rout-map feature can be used in ASA just as we use multiple features in Cisco IOS Router .i.e can we use the set ip next-hop command in the same ? I have read that in the ASA this feature is to accomplish redistribution b...

HiIs it possible to have seconday ip address on OUTSIDE Interface of ASA 5540 8.0(4) ? I am trying to get new ip scheme for our network and I have 1200 tunnels terminating to this box.I want to gradually move them to new IP address rather than replac...

CCDECCDE9 by Level 1
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Hello,Does anyone know why packets dropped are incrementing on the ASA when you do a show interface command? It's incrementing on all of my ASAs, was wondering if this is normal and could it be from the ACLs denying the traffic therefor showing it as...

johng231 by Level 3
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I have a client with the Cisco ASA SSM 10 module that is blocking roaming profiles from loading correctly. The issue goes away when the IPS is disabled. After I re-enable the IPS, it stops working and I see the following message in the log file:4 S...

deyster94 by Level 5
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