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I have a PIX 515 and PIX 501with a VPN tunnel between the twoI have no problem accessing ether site inside interface through the VPN tunnel.My PIX 515E has a D-PRIV interface and I need to access the D-PRIV from my PIX 501What changes need to be made...

I have installed dc agent(with logon agent) in both DC(websense enterprise with reporter5.5 is installed in one of the DC),but in the websense reporter,I can see two groups,one is user in not any groups(all of these are ip address),another is DC user...

jeff.lee by Beginner
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Can we use an atomic.tcp signature to trigger any event that causes a SYN packet sent to a host? And will it fire if for example we establish a telnet session to the host? (I assure telnet first establishes a TCP session and a SYN should go out at s...

khanj by Beginner
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Dear all,As I find NAC phase 1 is available on routers only, and need to wait for NAC phase 2 on Catalyst switch.Then when will NAC phse 2 available/announce?Thanks in advance.mak

wmmak by Beginner
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I am unable to https to to vpn concentrator. I can access vpn concentrator using http. In the concentrator https is enable. public and private fileter allows https. i have checked acl and it allows my workstation to access concentrator. I have reboot...

altaf007 by Beginner
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About a month ago I upgraded our 3002 hardware clients (3) and our primary 3005 concentrator to software release 4.1.7.B. I had been able to access them remotely (either through the tunnel or over a public IP) using https, even after the upgrade. N...

Hi,I have installed VMS2.2 with IDSMC and Firewall MCI wanted to know whether itis possible to restore backup of this server onto another exactly identical server (same IP, hostname and config etc).I will be bringing my existing server into offline m...

I'm currently connecting from my remote location to my companies PIX using the VPN Dialer 3.6.6. I have all of the group/user name and passwords. I have purchased the PIX 501. Is is posssible to create the neccesary tunnel settings using the PDM 3.0 ...

admin_2 by Participant
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