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Hi all, We have problems to change hour my device. We try put command npt in conf t but it´s not permited. And command clock also isn´t permited.Device is ASA5585-SSP-10 and him version is Software Version 9.6(3)9. This ASA have two contexts but in b...

RAUL1784 by Beginner
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Hi, I requested an RMA for my Cisco ASA 5516, and in the next week i will replace my Firewall to the received ASA. My doubt are on "Rehost" License.  On the portal, appears the option to "Rehost License", but asked the "License Key" of my Target Devi...

FTD and FMC version 6.4.0.For LDAP Realm integration is there any security concerns with having the base and group DN set to base of the directory tree - example: "dc=company,dc=com,dc=au"? I have users in a few OU's under the base DN "dc=company,dc=...

Hello! "Cisco Firepower provides full contextual threat analysis and protection, with awareness into users, user history on every machine, mobile devices, client-side applications, operating systems, virtual machine-to-machine communications, vulnera...

cadet by Enthusiast
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Hi All,  Can someone please help me understand this access list for the VTY lines? Previous network engineer has this in our switches on the VTY lines, the part I don't quite understand is the host  It's been working and then a few of our sw...

Resolved! 2110 Static Route

New NGFW user here.  In the Juniper World, I have a simple static route:route next-hop; (10.8.0.x is the IP used by my VPN server and handed to the client) and is the IP of my VPN server. Since 10.8.0.x doesn't live on...

We restored our virtual FMC on new/faster hardware, and changed the IP address. Now I want to migrate the ASA devices with sfr one-by-one from the current FMC to the new FMC.  Is there a way in expert mode to change the FMC ip-address in sfr without ...

FGR by Beginner
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Hi allDuring my whole career I've held Cisco and their firewalls in a high regards, even defending the products and services when needed but during the last few months I've started to loose faith. On three different sets of firewalls spanning ASA5525...

hoffa2000 by Participant
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