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Better way to protect the edge

Carl Fitzsimmons

I have what I thought was going to be relatively easy task. Our syslog server logs more than 20,000 login attempts in 48 hours to log in using a variety of root, admin, administrator and random email accounts. While all have been prevented it may only be a matter of time before they are successful.

The network has an edge router C892FSP-K9 with several port forwarding statements for mail and a few other network services needed outside the office.

I moved ahead taking the logs and converting high occurrence attacks into an ACL and placing that on our edge egress interface a Cisco C892FSP-K9.

What happens is that we get a short lived benefit and then hammered again from new IPs.

I am rethinking the ACL solution I am currently using which uses a single IP Address DENY statement, one after the other, in an ACL list that is now hundreds of lines in length with at this time no apparent end in sight. I am think that there must be a better way to implement protection. The site does not want to move to an ASA device so I will need to implement using the C892FSP-K9.

So I am seeking a different way to implement edge security to stop such attacks and looking for some input on how to proceed.


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I will check this out

Leo Laohoo
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How big is the WAN link?

Cable at 400Mb

@Carl Fitzsimmons wrote:
Cable at 400Mb

A puny 89x router will not be able to push beyond 50 Mbps with "vanilla" config. 

Marvin Rhoads
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I wouldn't chase router security options for this use case. If the business won't sponsor a proper enterprise firewall like a Cisco Secure 1000 series (or Fortinet/Palo Alto etc.) then even pfSense running on Netgate would work ok - and MUCH better than even an expertly tuned router.

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