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BGP on Older ASAs

Hello Everyone, I understand that BGP is currently not on the ASA 5510, 5520, 5540, 5550, and the ASA 5580. I am curious as to why the ASA 5505 supports it and not the models that I listed. I am curious if Cisco has any plans on implementing BGP on them before their end of support date. 


I use the ASA 5510 in my home network, which I connect to my friends with and all of us have our own BGP AS numbers, however it would be nice to just use BGP in the network instead of using OSPF on my network and then redistribute the routes into BGP and vice versa. That way it makes for easier failover when my primary internet connection goes down and I can just tell it neighbor Cox route-map Failover in followed by neighbor Cox route-map Failover out in the BGP config on the ASAs, that way it moves over to CenturyLink. 


Trevor Janssen

Bogdan Nita
Rising star

Hi Trevor,

BGP was introduced to ASA in version 9.2.

Latest version available for the ASA 5510, 5520, 5540, 5550, and the ASA 5580 is 9.1.

For ASA 5505 the latest version available is 9.2, and thus supports bgp.

I can't say for sure, but I really don't think the ASA 5510 will get upgraded to 9.2 in order to support bgp.





Hello Bogdan, 


I only wish that they do upgrade the older ASAs to 9.2 so that I can use BGP and retire OSPF. I do understand that BGP was introduced in 9.2 and that the latest version available for the ASAs that I listed is 9.1.7 Interim. 


Trevor Janssen

That won't happen! These ASAs are nearly EOL and they won't see any new features. And in a short time, they also will not see any fixes for newly discovered vulnerabilities. It's time to replace these devices.

Hello Karsten, 


Unfortunately I can't upgrade as this is my home lab. It costs about $1400 to upgrade if I buy ASA 5512-X off of eBay (that is where I buy my equipment for my home lab).


Trevor Janssen

If it's for a home-lab, consider using the ASAv on Vmware Workstation/Fusion/ESXi. Without a license, the throughput is only minimal, but you can practice all features.

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