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Can anyone suggest a router that filters ports?

Hello, I'm a new user here. I am searching for a router that will allow me to configure it so that, say, every night (or maybe 3 times a week) at 10pm, ports 80 and 443 become disabled, but everything else works fine.

Ultimately, I want to block 90% of all sites while still being able to play games online. I believe this can be done with configuring the ports in said manner (correct me if I'm wrong as I have never specifically done this before). My Belkin router is pretty low-end and a couple years old so it does not allow me to do this. Which router do you guys recommend at a convenient price? Any help/pointers will be appreciated!


Hi bro

Yes, you can control the enablement and disablement of any protocols in your Cisco Routers via Cisco’s Time-Based ACLs. Cisco IOS 800 Series Router should do good, for a home user such as yourself. I believe this unit should cost you around USD150, off the shelf.



Warm regards,
Ramraj Sivagnanam Sivajanam

Thank you for the help. Don't know why it seems hard to get helpon these forums, maybe I'm in the wrong ones but I can't think of a better forum to ask about Cisco products than, say, the Cisco site.

Anyway, I was not expecting such a high price O.o

Hello Scream,

I think my home wireless Linksys can accomplish such a task Maybe not in the way we would like but at least it does what you need

32 dollars ....

Julio Carvajal
Senior Network Security and Core Specialist


This section mostly deals with Cisco ASA, PIX, FWSM products. Those are generally not used in home use but for small to large businesses. And after the first models the prices are usually counted in thousands of dollars/euros.

The basic ASA5505 model is the cheapest one which to my understanding goes for 300-600$ but to be honest I am not up-to-date with the current priceses. It would certainly let you filter ports, even with timebased rules but I imagine its cost is way more than you would be willing to pay.

There is also a section on CSC that deals with Small Business products. I wonder if they would have devices better suited for your needs?

Here is a link to those sections

I think the following site has some basic information on the Small Business Security Products

Maybe Julio has some more specific information? I am clueless about the Small Business products but I would imagine they provide some same functionality for lower cost?

Also I would personally prefer an actual firewall to do the work of filtering rather than a router. ASAs for example tend to be more easier to handle than routers. But that ofcourse depends on the person using them. My opinion is naturally biased as I have mostly used Cisco firewalls only. I have barely touched the routers when it comes to firewalling. Only used them for VPN functionality.

- Jouni

Hi Bro

Why aren’t you getting any help here? Yes, sometimes the feedbacks are slow.

Cisco products are generally on the high side simply because it’s rich with features, the hardware has longer durability, generally speaking of course, and it has very good after sales record.

Frankly, there are many products out there which can surely do what you need to achieve but will the hard last long? What about its after sales record? Etc.



P/S: DLINK is part of Cisco now :-)

Warm regards,
Ramraj Sivagnanam Sivajanam


To be honest, this seems to be the first discussion started by the user (atleast under this username) so I would consider it quite a generalized comment to say that you dont get answers here when its your first question/discussion.

Though I have to say that I missed this discussion when it was posted.

But hey, I have to sleep sometime also

- Jouni



I went through your query and found out that a cisco router would help you in ths scenario ,you can go through the following link to do the setup for the same:-


Thank you all for the replies! Received valuable information. I guess I forgot to mention that yes I'm looking for a home router like the Linksys routers they sell at Wal Mart. They normally range from $30-80 which was around the budget I was looking for. I mean my Belkin router was $40 (bought it like 2 years ago) and it has some really great features. But no port filtering.

The reason I'd prefer the router firewall over, say, the Windows firewall is because of the ability to block these ports on EVERY computer connected to the router. Setting the time and days of this function is also a lot easier. Thanks for all the links guys, I will continue my search

Also, newbie question: Do I HAVE to select a correct answer if all of them are, well, helpful?? :s


You can mark any (and multiple) reply as a correct answer if you feel it answered your question.

If you feel that some reply didnt exactly answer your question but the reply was helpfull then you can simply rate the answers by hovering the mouse pointer over the stars at the bottom of the reply and when you are on the number of starts you want to give you left click on the star.

- Jouni

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