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Cisco ASA 5506-X firewall throughput vs internet speed

Hi Everyone, just want to clarify something specially on the firewall throughput since I'm not that expert on security. Here is the scenario, we have a client that bought ASA 5506-X and their Internet speed is 500mbps. Upon checking with the datasheet of asa5506-x the firewall throughput is only 250mbps. And now they complaining that they experiencing a slow down with their network specially at peak hours. Did I need to advice our sales representative that they under size the Firewall throughput and not considering the internet speed of the client? 

Appreciate your response. Thanks



It's not really as simple as just saying the throughput is 250 Mbps, it depends on what services you are running on the ASA. With AVC it is 250 Mbps, but if the ASA is only performing stateful L4 inspection it suddenly reaches 750 Mbps. However this is under ideal conditions with UDP only traffic, so I would consider this a theoretical max. In real world users would run a mix of UDP and TCP protocols and that lowers the throughput considerably. According to Cisco the max for multiprotocol is 300 Mbps, so in either way the 5506 is under sized for this client.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the response. 

For throughput calculation :



I have this question as well. I want to use Cisco ASA 5506-X for my home lab. I have a 500/500Mbps connection through a 1GbE uplink. I can get around 530/530Mbps (66Mb/s). I only have a few servers, a laptop/desktop and a few wireless devices. I wonder if this model can take it. I am not going to use the FirePOWER services.

I don't mind buying a ASA 5508-X, but is has a built-in fan with does make a lot of noise. So according to the specs I am currently a bit disappointed about the performance.

it admazes me. we have cisco networks reaching 40 gbs and at best there is not one firewall can reach this speed. put it bluntly there is no system network even matters becuase what dose matter is users computers can they handle the speed, awaser no, even if u put a 40 gig or even 10 gig card u limted to one thing harddrive trasfer limites, they never found fix and any one who did find a fix all computers would have be built same, now lets break down some real numbers i have server 12 core 24 gig. with firewall one gig network, internet speed 400mbs now at core speed of 2.8 regadless what software i useing as firewall my speed should remane same, but this not so, harddrive speeds dont care ssd probem is hardware, throw life time working on these i tryed something, that them who built it said impossable, i taken a nvida telsa card, plug it in they have drivers for networking system what ever , system thinks has over 240 cores, harddrive speed went up to 40mbs networking performace went up about same percent, so what did i find that if they put a telsa card in these kinds firewalls they incress speeds to new levle now disclamer this idea is copy writed by me as i only one ever tryed put such cards in servers, and or firewalls, it has do with this no software on market knows how multytask right, hit 3 cores not all them, with nvida card dosent madder, i got cisco 5020, 10 gbs even today to rent such speed is 1000 month, what cisco dont tell u, system sat for years, i decied get running cisco wont help officaly but if u do what i did it fixs probems with device, cisco got what called mib files, these files used by snmp and by sending cisco your information, now run debug comands on aaa callhome. licensen cli clis and few other it calls cisco says hay i got probem and uploads updates to fix the probems, but u have run debug comanads over and over untill it gets to point that every thing is been patch, i got cisco to force down intanal lic for server there more lic been installed on this then i ever seen, but u have also debug snmp aaa there all tired togather cisoc addes there account to unit, if u look under raduis u find a cisco server u cant remove, but pont being this even on 10gbs network that so called outdated but cisco never consider useing them home market haveing a pre config teplate so it plug play, insted of running 1000s of line codes so any one can have 10 gig network, cisco make millions off this offer limited support for so much year 100 or 200.00 times that by 100k but they dont consider this equement ever fitting in to a home . i got some 6500's that runs much faster then this device but need two power supplys run card, 800mbs but they got 10 gig cards and throw put should be 1000 times busness 1000 users at 10gbs would swich fuction as they state 6500 would if configer right 5020 no chance in devles ground probem is going from 10gig to 1 gig, no storage, to back up that much data now one could clame 1 gig by 40 ports , but dont work that way so going sell 5020, selling hole setup throw all database all updates been fix i just cant use it i cant figger out how get it to traser from main unit to sub units, throw fex see them internet wont pass throw, given u trying understand why
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