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Cisco Pix 506 global outgoing address


I currently have a Pix 506 in place with a block of 5 ip addresses and so I'm able to have an outside interface address and an outgoing global ip address for NAT.

My question is, I'm moving to Brazil and the ISP there is only going to give me 1 static ip address, is there a way to set the pix up so that it doesn't need the global ip address or that the outgoing ip address is the actual outside interface ip address???    Everywhere I've set these things up have always had a block of ip's and so it was never an issue, but now that I'm getting only 1 ip address I need some help in figuring out if it's possible to use my 506 or if I'm going to have to settle for a cheap wireless ap/cable router.



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Jitendriya Athavale
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

yes you can use the interaface ip for outbpund internet access, you can pat all your
users to interface ip

here is the link which will help you

also if you have any servers in the inside to which users on internet need to access from outside you can configure static pat

Perfect!!! Thanks.  I just changed it here now and all my other statics are working fine still.

I appreciate your help.


no worries : )

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