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Cyber Vision License Cost?

Level 1
Level 1

What is the cost of a cyber vision license? Do you only need one for a network? Or one per IC3000 switch?

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

UT_games, Very sorry as I did not see this question and it has been some time since you asked. Ultimately, Cyber Vision is licensed based on the end devices we discover and can provide information against. The sensor functionality, which performs the deep packet inspection and can run directly on networking equipment such as the IE3400, IR1101 or Catalyst 9300s, or can run stand-alone on the Industrial Compute ( IC 3000 ), is not licensed itself. In other words, if you discover 1000 end points, you would purchase the 1000 end point license as either Essentials or Advantage based on desired features ( which are called out here - ) and that is it. If you had 1 sensor or 100, the licensing would be the same for the 1000 end points. The other licensed function is the ability to run the Snort subscriber rule sets which are provided by Cisco Talos. This is licensed per sensor that is running the IDS feature. I hope that helps and sorry again for the very long delay in responding.

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