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Firepower 2110 ASA code

Nkechi Latunji



I re-imaged our Firepower from FTD to ASA successfully. What is the command to configure the firepower to point to the firesight management center so it can be managed. I can use the connect asa command to access the ASA, but not quite sure how to access the source fire module, if there is one on the firepower 2110. First time touching this device and was used to the session sfr console command on the ASA55xx.

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Connect ftd

configure manager add <fmc ip address> <key>

Thanks, you probably missed when i said i reimaged from FTD to ASA, so only connect ASA available as a command. I need the dynamic routing protocols available on the ASA, and that's why i changed code. So my question is with running the ASA code, does that mean i cannot add the firepower to a firesight manager?

There is no Firepower service module (nor option to add one) when running the ASA image on an FTD appliance.

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Just to make sure I understand your scenario correctly:

1. You got a FP2100 that was running FTD

2. You re-imaged the appliance to run ASA code

3. Now you want to use the FMC to manage the FP2100 running the ASA code?


If the above is correct then:

1. No, you cannot manage pure ASA code with the FMC. The FMC can manage:

  • Legacy Sourcefire appliances
  • Sourcefire running on ASA (ASA with FirePOWER)
  • FTD

2. If you are running pure ASA, your management options are:

  • CLI
  • ASDM
  • CSM
  • CDO


I hope this helps!


Thank you for rating helpful posts!

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee
You cannot manage ASA code via FMC. If it is a single device, your option would be ASDM for GUI or if many then CSM

Nikolaj Pabst

Hi Nkechi,

As mentioned, when you are using the ASA code on FTD you are not able to use the Firepower Module. This is not like an ASA-55XX-X.

You can put a vFTD on the inside if you want :)


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