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Firepower 7.0 very slow deployment speed

Level 1
Level 1

I just upgraded to Firepower 7.0. After upgrading the FMC the first deployment took about 30min on a 4100 firepower and about 25min on a 2100 firepower.
After upgrading the 2100 firepower, a standard deployment of a policy takes about 18min in total. but in the task it says 1.48min.
So what is happening in the 16min rest time ?

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Level 6
Level 6

Hi @swapsakker,
You're not alone. After the upgrade, I have the same behavior. I've FMCv, 2 FPR2110, and 1 FPR1120.

For new installations, deployments are completed in 1 ~ 2 min.

I'll try some more debugging and then go to TAC support.




Great to konw that it is not my setup alone.


When i deploy, the deployment status says 5% for about 10min before it change to 8% and then is showen in taksk.

Level 1
Level 1

Likewise, just upgraded FMC to 7.0 (keeping FTD 4110's on for a bit). Very slow Deploy times now on the upgraded FMC that was on, and had 1-2min deploys before.


Any chance it's because the FTDs are on 6.7.x? Or is this the global experience on 7.0 FMC regardless of FTD version?

TAC is looking in to it.

Were you able to find anything out on this case? 

I see is out but cites no relevant fixes for slow deploys.


TAC i still working on it, and i hope we soon have a fix. don't fix it. That is confirmed

Level 1
Level 1

Hello FMC/FTD i'm wondering what the status is of any TAC case(s) of this  'Slow Deployments after v7.0 FMC Update ' .... ain't nobody got time for a 25-35 min. process that used to take 2-3 minutes ....  Yikes ! 

Level 1
Level 1

By changing to Snort3 the deployment whent a lot faster, maby others could have the same luck.


Just be aware of possible internet problem.

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