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fmc vm performace and internet performance?

I have FMC with 2 ft 2110. Ever since we started having vm performance issues which our FMC is a part of, our internet performance started to slow down as well. Is internet performance through the FTD linked to fmc vm performace in anyway?

Rob Ingram
VIP Mentor

Hi @baselzind 

Cloud lookups would go via the FMC.

What version of FMC are you running? From 6.7 the VM specs now require a minimum of 32Gb memory.

VIP Master

this could be major issue with Logging people noticed, check if you can disable any logging option see that is better?


by the way what version of code in FMC and FTD, what compute resources given to FMC, is the FMC and FTD in the same geo location?



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it is fmc 6.4 and ftd 6.4 , fmc have the standard ova but with 32GB ram. so if FTDs are affected by FMC logging would that mean if FMC goes down the FTD would stop working as well?

No FMC is management only if that goes down, still, FTD works as expected, and you can view or modify any FTD configuration until FTD joins back to FMC. or FMC restored.


looks like thee is 2 separate issue here, FMC performance can not affect FTD, so you need to go deeper to understand the issue.


this may be due to network overload ? network congestion? is your network overutilized? do you any drop on the interface where these devices connected? what kind of switch that is?




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The performance that the FMC has is in no way linked to the performance of the firewall box, FMC manages the policies but does not take any action on the traffic(only FTD does).


Network performance is most often degraded because of the deep-inspection policies(Malware, Intrusion), be sure to tune the inspection only for those services that are required. 

you mean fmc would slow ftd for policies with deep-inspection? like the deep-inspection is performed on the fmc?

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