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FMC: VPN (Anyconnect) not showing any troubleshooting data

Level 1
Level 1

Hello everyone

I cant get any VPN troubleshooting data from my FTD imaged 5506-X to my FMC. 

All the documentation leads to simply check the box in the platform settings. Obviously i‘ve done that. More so i feel like i‘ve tried every possible combination on the logging settings part of the platform settings.. I just doenst show anything. With the debug command on the CLI i get the data.. other platform settings like syslog are working just fine.. 

Did anybody have similat problems?

The VPN (anyconnect) is working just fine.. expect the troubleshooting data. And i‘ve changed the logging to debugging, thinking i should get anything.. no..

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Marvin Rhoads
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

Is it that the FMC menu for VPN Troubleshooting is showing up but you are not getting any entries on the page?

Yes, exactly. I added some screenshots of the areas I think are important. Just tell me if I should show/check another option. The settings as shown in the screenshots are applied ("deployed") on the device.


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