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Help with ASA 5505 PoE Port shutting down

I have 13 sites each with an ASA 5505 and a Cisco 1602i directly connected to ethernet 0/7 via short 3 foot cable that came with the AP.

At 3 of these sites, I have an issue where one or both PoE ports go out randomly. Sometimes uptime will be a week, sometimes it will be a few hours. Trying to move the AP from e0/7 to e0/6 doesn't work; the AP doesn't get power and the port LEDs do not come on. The only way I can get the ports to come back on is to either reboot the ASA or do a shut/no shut on the port. I have enabled syslogging (trap warnings), but all I see in the logs is that the port went down with no explanation as to why.

I've called TAC who has sent me an RMA replacement which I just installed two days ago. However, I'm thinking that there might be a larger, undocumented issue at hand because I don't see how 3 out of 13 ASAs could be bad unless Cisco's QA went down the drain. When I was speaking with the TAC engineer, he mentioned that the AP could be drawing more power than the ASA could handle so the ASA ends up shutting down the port. The 1602 draws up to 15.4 (12.94w nominal) and I was under the impression that the ASA is 802.3af compatible.


I have the same problem with different ASA 5505 (21 pieces) and Cisco 1602i. Sometimes it isn´t possible to take the AP´s on power. So there isn´t any hope, that a RMA of the ASA´s could change anything.

The really drama is, that I have an older ASA 5505, I think about three years old, there works everything fine.

Now it´s your turn.


PS Some of the new one´s works also fine.



So I have RMAd 3 ASAs with the same problem and the replacements seem to be doing good. Everytime I called TAC and explained the issue, the quickly came back and said they would have to RMA the ASA. 

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