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i want to manage my asa from the internet


i set up an asa in my business network , and i have internet service from two ISP

now, i want to manage my asa from internet by ASDM

could i use both the public ip address which i set up in asa outside interface to manage my asa?

the default route on my asa is only direct to one isp

thx for your help!

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Marvin Rhoads
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Yes, you can use your outside interface.

Assuming you have ASDM installed and working on the ASA, you would just need to add a statement allowing ASDM access (preferably from a particular address = x.x.x.x but you can open it up to all =

In ASDM, you add that via Configuration, Device Management, Management Access. (Reference)

The command line is "http


It is ok now

i follow your guide successful to setup dual isp on my asa

but it seems could not access from the backup isp (have not direct a default route ) by asdm?

it is common status? Or it should access from any interface which security-level = 0?

Most likely your backup ISP address is not accessible because of the ASA's routing. Packets may come in to that interface but leaving they will follow the default route outbound (from the primary interface), resulting in asymmetric routing and breaking the TCP connection setup.

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