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IDS-4215-K9 Upgrade



I have been trying to load "IPS-engine-E4-req-6.0-6" & "IPS-sig-S536-req-E4.pkg" onto the IDS boxes that at present have "IPS-K9-6.0-6-E3" & "IPS-sig-S479-req-E3.pkg" installed.

However, when I tried to Upgrade the signature, I get:

"Cannot upgrade software on the sensor.

-This update may only be installed on a sensor with and engine version of 4.

The currently installed engine version is 3."

So I upgrade the engine and get:

"Cannot upgrade software on the sensor.

errSystemError-idsPackageMgr: digital signature of the update file was nt valid, use CCO to replace corrupted file This update may only be instlled on a sensor with and engine version fo 4.

The currently installed engine version is 3."

Could you please advise why this is happening and how I resolve this?

Thank you.


1 Accepted Solution

Accepted Solutions

How are you applying this upgrade – FTP through CLI, FTP through IDM or “upgrade from local PC” through IDM?

I usually:

Apply Service Packs or software upgrades by FTP from CLI.

Upgrade signature files through “upgrade from local PC” in IDM.

So SSH to the box, then:

sensor# conf t
sensor(config)# upgrade ftp://grant@
Password: ******
Warning: Executing this command will  The system may be rebooted to complete the
Continue with upgrade? []: yes

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Jennifer Halim
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

You will have to upgrade the engine first to E4, using "IPS-engine-E4-req-6.0-6.pkg" file, and reload the IDS, then after the reload, check the output of "show version" and make sure that it has been updated to 6.0.6(E4), and upate the signature to the latest.

Hi Jennifer,

Thank you for your reply.  This is exactly what i have been trying to do, but the box won't let it happen.  It is currently running IDM Version, do i need to run a step inbetween first?

Thank you,

Can you please share the output of "show version" as well as a screenshot of when it's not happening/failing? I am not sure I understand what you mean by "the box wont let it happen".

Apologies.... I refer to the IDS as the box ....


Application Partition:

Cisco Intrusion Prevention System, Version 6.0(6)E3

    Realm Keys          key1.0
Signature Definition:
    Signature Update    S479.0                   2010-03-19
    Virus Update        V1.4                     2007-03-02
OS Version:             2.4.30-IDS-smp-bigphys
Platform:               IDS-4215-K9
Serial Number:          88810325171
Licensed, expires:      31-Dec-2011 UTC
Sensor up-time is 1 day.
Using 378417152 out of 510341120 bytes of available memory (74% usage)
application-data is using 33.3M out of 166.8M bytes of available disk space (21% usage)
boot is using 37.6M out of 68.6M bytes of available disk space (58% usage)
application-log is using 529.5M out of 2.8G bytes of available disk space (20% usage)

MainApp          N-NUBRA_2009_JUL_15_01_10_6_0_5_57   (Ipsbuild)   2009-07-15T01:15:08-0500   Running
AnalysisEngine   N-NUBRA_2009_JUL_15_01_10_6_0_5_57   (Ipsbuild)   2009-07-15T01:15:08-0500   Running
CLI              N-NUBRA_2009_JUL_15_01_10_6_0_5_57   (Ipsbuild)   2009-07-15T01:15:08-0500

Upgrade History:

* IPS-K9-6.0-6-E3           16:48:06 UTC Wed Jul 15 2009
  IPS-sig-S479-req-E3.pkg   15:37:28 UTC Tue Dec 21 2010

Recovery Partition Version 1.1 - 6.0(6)E3

And EM attached on a .doc

Thank you

Looks like you are trying to update the signature, not the engine itself.

Can you please re-download "IPS-engine-E4-req-6.0-6.pkg" from, and upload this file to update the engine from E3 to E4. Alternatively, you can also upgrade the IPS using the upgrade file instead: IPS-K9-6.0-6-E4.pkg

I have tried to ugrade the engine first, but I get the same Error message - it's like a circle.  If I try the engine it wants the signature, if I tried the signature it wants the engine and now (just to rub salt into the wounds) I've tried to download both the .pkg, as per you reply, and now Cisco is telling me I'm not authorized! I only did this last week....

Thanks for you help Jennifer, but until I get my account issue resolved, I'm stuck.

Can't I use the download I already have of IPS-engine-E4-req-6.0-6.pkg? I only downloaded this last week.

Looks like the package that you downloaded might have been corrupted and it's not the full package.

Hello,  I work in the TAC IDS team.  1. Make sure you are downloading the correct software image:  2. Before downloading, make a note of the MD5 Checksum.   3. After downloading the software, download: the software that verifies MD5 checksum.  Run this on the downloaded file and make sure checksum matches.  4. Once you have verified this, then upgrade the IPS via IDM and let me know if it works.  - Sid

I have now been able to access the new downloads, but still have upgrading problems.  I have attached a document to reflect the errors and the order I have tried to install them.

Can you please advise the exact filename as well as the filesize for each of the attempt that you made based on the screenshot of the 3 error messages.

I have updated the doc.

Thank you,

That's very strange. The files seem to be OK.

Can you please try to reload the IDS once, then check the output of "show version" and if it's not 6.0.6(E4), please try to update with just "IPS-engine-E4-req-6.0-6.pkg" file.

If it still doesn't work, I would suggest that you open a TAC case to an engineer can further look into the issue.

Please open a TAC case to have a TAC engineer troubleshoot the issue. The behavior you are seeing is not normal behavior and might need a webex session to troubleshoot.  - Sid

I have reloaded this box a couple of times, the version is Cisco Intrusion Prevention System, Version 6.0(6)E3

I have also tried to just load the engine and tried an array of loading sequences between the .pkg upgrades i have (listed on the last doc issued) and every variation produces an error message.  It is very much a vicious circle going on here and I'm sure that there is something really daft causing it...... but what!

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