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ISE 1.2 customizing guestportal


We are using the ISE 1.2 for a classic wireless guest management solution. all works fine. now we want to customize the guestportal. At that point we are running into an issue. According to the ISE Config Guide we generated the html files: aup.html, welcome.html, error.html and login.html. we only need these 4. we uploaded the fils and mapped them. We configured the URL Redirect. Now the login, error and aup side is ok. But we have some problems with the welcome side. The Logos aren´t shown here. we played a little bit with the path in the html files but no solution.

Any ideas? According to a Video there could be some problems with the welcome page?

Is it possible to access die Customized guestportal directly like Https://ise:8443/guestportal to access the default?

Thanks for our ideas...

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Saurav Lodh
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Follow "Customizing the Web Portal Images and Color Scheme" from


Yes that's the Guide we checked befördert we implemted our customized guest Portal html Pages. Look at my question and facts above. We only have Problems with the welcome page.





Taken from


As soon as you select the “Custom Default Portal” option when you create a guest portal, that portal will not inherit any settings that you may have configured for customized portal page. This includes things like logo, color scheme, font, and even the language templates. It is now your responsibility to manually includes all those things as part of your HTML codes. This is also true for URL links that show up on the login page as a result of enabling features like Change Password, Self-Service, or Device Registration (see below). These links need to be added or removed manually depending on which features you would like to make available to your users.


Saying this if you open the html on your computer does the logo show up? did you upload the logo into the ISE?


Erick Delgado

yes we have uploaded all pictures etc. we have configered the portal and we have mapped the files. we are using only login, terms, error and success. we don´t have probllems with the first 3, only with the success page we mapped our customized file welcome.html

Using a apple device or a somsung smartphone the logos are shown correct. Using a windows client with IE or firefox the text of the success page is shown with the wrong format and the pictures are missing.

On the other hand: removing the path to the pictures in the success file the page success page is shown correctly on windows clients after successfuly login. but now the success page has not format and the pictures are missing.

any ideas?


see below

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