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ISE install on vmware ESXi


Having issues with ISE on vmware.  This is for small lab at home.  I can get ISE installed on my vmware ESX machine at home,  it has 16 gigabytes of ram. And it seems ok with disk speed and such.   It’s a pretty fast VM (all SSD disk) and there is nothing else on the box.   I gave it 140 gigabytes of disk space.  Vmware management functions (esxi) are running on one SSD disk channel,  all vmware servers running on separate SSD disk channel. 


And I think I read that it might work for labs at 16 gigabytes.  The vmware VM installs iSE and yet not working,   the ISE application does not show as “running”.  


A coworker said he had 24 gigabytes of ram on his lab machine,  so perhaps I just need more ram?  I believe my box has another slot open so I can get it up to 32 gigabytes by adding another memory stick.  


I followed the instructions (they say use RED HAT Linux) but I can’t get ISE to even install using that.  I had to select DEBIAN linux on the vm to get ISE to install.    Also the instructions on cisco site do not specify what version of Red Hat to install.


Choose Linux and select the supported Red Hat Enterprise Linux version from the Version drop-down list.

What is a supported red hat enterprise linux version?  There are many versions to choose from on the vmware side.  

thanks for the advise

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I got it working after some trouble.   The first part of the ISE install always hangs,  then I simply reboot and then ise goes to the next step of the install (type 'setup' to begin install).   Then I type 'setup',  and put the information in,  ip address, hostname,  and then eventually ISE is working.  Something is odd about the installer on vmWare.  Would be nice if it had did not hang during the first part of the install.   What is up with that?     


Also i noticed SElinux modules being loaded,  so I guess ISE uses Selinux?   Never used Selinux but I read up on it.  Seems seLinux can cause issues because its so protected of files and process.   

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