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Migration of Cisco configuration ASA 5515 to Meraki MX 85 Firewall


I am not a cisco guy but I am migrating Cisco configuration of ASA 5515X Firewall to Meraki MX 85 Firewall. I need your help to know which part of configuration from Cisco go to Meraki. I have already use WallParse to convert the configuration to Excel workbook. I have created all the Objects but I could not see where to create nested Object and NAT. Thanks

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Since you have already parsed the Cisco ASA configuration using WallParse, you have a good starting point. The migration process will require manual intervention to ensure that the configuration is accurate and functional on the Meraki MX 85 Firewall.

Here are the general steps you should follow for a successful migration:

1. VLANs and Interfaces: Identify the VLANs and interfaces configured on the Cisco ASA and create them on the Meraki MX. This can be done under Security & SD-WAN ) Configure ) Addressing & VLANs.

2. Access Control Lists (ACLs): Examine the access control lists in the Cisco ASA configuration and re-create them in the Meraki MX. You will find this option in Security & SD-WAN ) Configure ) Firewall.

3. NAT Rules: Analyze the NAT rules from the Cisco ASA configuration. For migrating NAT rules, you will need to create 1:1 NAT or 1:Many NAT rules on the Meraki MX. Configure these rules under Security & SD-WAN ) Configure ) Firewall ) Port forwarding and 1:1 NAT.

4. VPN Configuration: If you have site-to-site VPN configured on the Cisco ASA, you will need to configure it on the Meraki MX. This can be done under Security & SD-WAN ) Configure ) Site-to-site VPN.

5. Objects: While Meraki MX does not support nested objects like Cisco ASA, you can create groups and use them in the Firewall rules. To create groups, go to Network-Wide ) Configure ) Group Policies. Then, in the Firewall rules, you can use the group names instead of individual IP addresses.

6. Additional Features: If your Cisco ASA configuration includes features like web filtering, intrusion detection, or content filtering, you will need to configure these features on the Meraki MX as well. You can find these settings under Security & SD-WAN ) Configure ) Threat Protection and Content Filtering.

Once you've completed these steps, you should compare the Cisco ASA and Meraki MX configurations to ensure that everything has been migrated correctly. Finally, test the functionality of your new Meraki MX firewall to validate the migration.

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