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mroute on a Pix running V7.2


(Addresses are made up)

I have a Multicast server ( that is multicasting out on address  on an interface called CLAN . I need this mutilcast to be routed out of the inside interface to a client on the internal network.

The mroute command syntax is something along the lines of "mroute inside"

This server mutilcasts out multiple multicast addresses and the above syntax to me, would shove everything out of the inside interface.

Is there away of identifying a particular multicast address to be routed out of a specific interface, or  is the above syntax correct .. ?

All the required ACL's are in place both inbound & Outbound

Many thanks


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Jennifer Halim
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Is the PIX actually participating in any multicast routing protocol, or it's only passing through the multicast traffic?

As advised in your previous post, PIX in routed mode does not support passing through of multicast traffic.

However if the PIX participates in the multicast routing protocols, then it is supported.

Here is the configuration guide to configure multicast on PIX if you are interested:

Hello Jennifer

Thank you for taking the time to reply

To be honest I'm struggling with this and appreciate any help you can give me. I know how to configure Pix's but not with Multicast.  I have attached the config to this message so you can see what I'm trying to do and if I have made a right hash of it or not. I have also attached a small diagram to help you.

Basically there is a Multicast Server on Ethernet 2 (CLAN) . The Client resides on the "inside" interface.

Whats made me throw my hands up in despair is that I tried to ping the multicast address of the server on Ethernet2 and the Pix fired back an error message saying it has no mroute to the that address. Although the server is locally attached ?

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