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Need help on Cisco Firepower 9300 with 2 SM-56


Hi All,


My customer has procured Cisco Firepower 9300 with two SM-56. Now we need to deploy a Single Logical device in 9300 Chassis which can use both the SM module as customer has requirement of approx 100 Gbps throughput.


I tried but not able to select both the SM module while deploying Logical device. I can select only single SM not both.


Also while creating resource profile, I can create profile only for Single SM resource I cannot combi


Firepower 9300 Chassis version: 2.6

Firepower Image version : 6.5 (to be deployed as Logical Device)

Please guide what to be done.

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Marvin Rhoads
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VIP Community Legend

A given FTD instance runs on only one security module.

Firepower SM software.PNG

If you need more throughput you need to deploy multiple instances (one per SM) and cluster them.

Firepower SM software cluster.PNG

Hi Marvin,

Thanks for the info..

I have two more query.

1) Can I create HA between Firewall Cluster of-Chassis-1 and Firewall Cluster of Chassis-2 ? If answer is no how I can I achieve Chassis hardware level redundancy between both the FTD 9300-Chassis ?

2) There is no document available on for inter-chassis cluster with HA deployment they have only for Intra-chassis example. Please help if you have any links.


Marvin Rhoads
VIP Community Legend VIP Community Legend
VIP Community Legend

You do not make two separate clusters that then make an HA pair of clusters. You can create a single cluster that spans more than one chassis

Reference this guide for detailed instructions:

Also see confirmation in the Cisco Live Europe presentation BRKSEC-2020.

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