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PBR on ASA version 8.2

Dears ,

i have ASA version 8.2 and connected to ADSL modem and i am direct lan user to this interface

int eth 0/1

 nameif outside

 ip address x.x.x.1

route outside x.x.x.2

nat (inside) 1

global(outside) 1 interface

now i connected another ADSL modem on port ether 0/3 and i have wireless user i want to direct them to this interface

int eth 0/3

ip address y.y.y.1

nameif  internet

nat (inside) 2

global (internet) 2 interface

route outside y.y.y.2

but it is not working , kindly is there any solution 


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Aditya Ganjoo
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Mohamed,

PBR on ASA is supported on 9.4 and above codes.



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hi Aditya , 

is there any other solution for this problem on ASA version 8.2 , as i want to use both adsl modem 

Hi Mohamed,

Unfortunately source based routing is not supported on this code.

Yes if we are sending two sets of traffic through these interfaces we could go for static NAT's.

For instance if we need only HTTP traffic through first interface and HTTPS through the ADSL we can create specific static NAT's for them.

But if we want all the traffic being passed through both these interfaces then it will not be supported.



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