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Pix to ASA conversion

Pete Bauer

Does anyone know where I can get the PIX to ASA conversion tool Cisco offers?  I cannot find the download anywhere.

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Marvin Rhoads
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VIP Community Legend

Cisco has withdrawn that from public availability. If you have a new ASA with support, you may be able to get the TAC to run it through the tool internally.

The problem is it put the configuration into an early 8.x format and not the current syntax which came about as of 8.3+.

If the configuration is relatively simple, you're most likely better of rebuilding it by hand. It's a good opportunity to clean up obsolete entries as well.


I agree with marvin, as you will have to go 2 steps:

from pix->ASA 8.2

from ASA 8.2-> 8.3/8.4

there is going to be a fair amount lost in translation if the config is complicated. and you will have to review it extensively anyway. if its easy config, it will be easier to rebuild it from scratch.

as far as the cutover (if its allowable and somewhat simplistic), try to have both devices in line and turn one off and the other on. then you can fail back easier (don't forget to clear arp on the related uplinks).

if not allowable, might want to create a link between PIX and ASA and do an "inch-it-in" upgrade, where you can test things as you go.

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