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Hi; I'm new in security, despite that I've worked a while with ASA 5500-x, but the new changes in Cisco products made me confused. I started to search the internet and watch some videos to grasp the fundamentals, but it confused me even more. so I decided to ask here. 

my main question is the meaning and application of these terms:

1. what is "Firepower Management Center"? 

2. what is FireSight? is it another name for "Firepower Management Center"?

3. is the "Firepower NGFW" another name for Firepower Treat Defense (FTD) unified image (which is new and under development)?

4. if I want to download Firepower image from the Cisco and put it on a SSD drive on my ASA 5515-x, which image need to be downloaded? (Firepower NGIPS or Firepower NGFW)?

I really think these different names and acronyms are confusing, so please clarify me if you don't mind. tnx. 

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Accepted Solutions

Flavio Costa
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


1. what is "Firepower Management Center"? The Cisco Firepower Management Center is the administrative nerve center for a number of Cisco security products running on a number of different platforms. It provides complete and unified management of firewalls, application control, intrusion prevention, URL filtering, and advanced malware protection. The Management Center is the centralized point for event and policy management for the following solutions: