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Question regarding ASA5505-SEC-BUN-K9


Dear All,

First of all let me thank you in adavance, as i am getting clear answer each of my post

Noe, what about my next question: I am intrensted in if  ASA5505-SEC-BUN-K9 support Anyconnect Mobile devices.

I doubt that it doesnot but asking experts and share thier experience is extremly great staff )

thank you in advance!

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Jouni Forss


To my understanding the product you list just provides you with the ASA5505 unit with Security Plus license. This essentially means that it doesnt have the same kind of restrictions as the Base License model. (Your product provides for example 20 Vlan support, Trunking Support, Unlimited Users, Failover support, etc)

You can view the information here

My understanding is that if you want to use AnyConnect Client and Mobile devices then you would need AnyConnect Essentials license and AnyConnect Mobile License also. The other option is the Premium license which difference is to my undertanding that it also supports the Clientless SSL VPN.

Here is some information about the AnyConnect licensing (non Cisco site)

One thing to notice also is that the AnyConnect Essentials would only support  the AnyConnect Client connections and not the Clientless SSL VPN.

Here is one quote from Cisco documentation


Q.   How can I receive the AnyConnect Mobile license for the   ASA?

A. The Mobile license is a fixed license on top of the existing number of       licensed Secure Socket Layer (SSL) users. It can be used either with a Premium       SSL VPN license or an AnyConnect Essentials license. To order the AnyConnect       Mobile license for an existing unit with an SSL license, the part number is       L-ASA-AC-M-55XX= (XX=05,10,20,40,50,80 depending on the model). This Mobile       license can also be added as an option for new device purchases       (ASA-AC-M-55XX). To order the AnyConnect Mobile license for an existing unit,       contact your Cisco reseller. For an evaluation license for devices that have       Essentials or Premium licenses, refer to       Product License Registration for AnyConnect Mobile ( registered customers only)         .       If you have specific questions on Mobile license requirements, send an e-mail       to


Though naturally when you are ordering the device you should make sure with them that you get exactly what you are hoping for.

- Jouni

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