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searching for a Cisco equivalent solution to Enterasys Netsight-NMS-5


At the moment we are running our Network with two C4506 Core Switches and

we are considering  to re-orangnise our Network . For round about 1500 Users.

We also are doing some research how we could have a suitable upgrade to our momentarily reliable Network components.

Personally I am convinced about Cisco Technology assets and would like to upgrade our Network by replacing

them again through Cisco.

Further more we need to plan some  security  and VOIP features for future use. Cisco would be the right choice for

investment protection at this point.

On the other hand , our Department was approached from an Enterasys Account Manager and he has introduced us the "S-Series Switches".

The   product datasheets  fulfill  all the Technology features which  fit our future needs.

The  Account Manager has also demonstarted us an Application from which my Head of Department was very

enthusiastic about. This Application is the Netsight -NMS-5


This feature is very apropriate for simply implementing some sort of User Access Control and relatively inexpensive one . Below USD 3500.

I have searched for such an  equivalent Cisco Product, so that I could compare it to the above mentioned third party application.

There are a wide broadband of Cisco products,  from Small Business to Enterprise Products which have made it difficult for me to

locate a suitable Product for my needs.

Could somebody give me a hint whether Cisco has such an equivalent product or a composite of products which could also reach  the NMS-5 functionality.



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searching for a Cisco equivalent solution to Enterasys Netsight-

You are looking for Cisco ISE (Identity Services Engine).

Cisco ISE integrates with switches, wireless lan controllers and vpns to enforce highly customizable access polices. For example you can grant "only internet access" to employee1 if he's connecting with his IPad  via wirelesss, but if the same employee1 is connecting from corporate PC then he will granted "internet and internal portals access" . On the other hand if CEO connect with his IPad via wireless he will be granted total access (notice employee1 on the same situation will only get internet access)

Please see this link

You can download ISE trial for 90 days. Please rate if it helps