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show dhcpd binding output ASA-5585-x 8.4(1)9 - Multiple Context


Just a quick question.

We have a customer in a context and a simple DHCP configuration on the Security Context.

Everything was working ok after I moved the customer connection in question from a PIX to this Security Context. Now after changing the DSL -modem (bridged) at the customer site and changing the connection type from ADSL to VDSL customer has expirienced problems with DHCP

I can see the customer getting IP address from the Security Context normally for 5 computers. What seems strange though is that there is some very wierd looking output in the "show dhcpd binding" command.

Here is the output

sh dhcpd binding

IP address       Client Identifier        Lease expiration        Type    01b8.ac6f.361f.3c            2232 seconds    Automatic    0100.1999.22f5.35            2987 seconds    Automatic    01f0.4da2.2686.98            1820 seconds    Automatic  0063.6973.636f.2d32.           2634 seconds    Automatic




                 636f.6d67.7700    01d0.67e5.2a09.1c            2660 seconds    Automatic    01d0.67e5.29cc.7b             886 seconds    Automatic

When I do "show arp" for the bold/red IP address above I get the following

sh arp

        <interface name> 2c54.2d44.66eb 116

To my understanding the MAC address above belongs to a Cisco device and most probably a Cisco ASAS 5505 that the customers own IT-support company has attached to the network even before this problem started. I have no idea what its used for.

I have yet to do any debug related to the DHCP or havent taken any captures. What  I would like to know is that does anyone know what the strange "show dhcpd binding" output is?

We will probably changing the VDSL device to an older model (as the current one is a model that our ISP has just gotten from the manufacturer) or perhaps stick a C881 router behind the bridged modem and let it do the DHCP instead of the Security Context.

- Jouni