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SNMP Communication

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Hey All,

Just wondering if anyone could help with an issue I'm having trying to get SNMP functioning correctly on a switch.

We have a mature environment with switches logging to an NMS.  I've recently added a new switch, and am having difficulty adding it to this structure.

I've copied the SNMP config on the working switch to the new one, as follows:

snmp-server community pub RO 10

snmp-server community test RO 11

snmp-server location LAN

snmp-server contact IT

snmp-server chassis-id SN:#######

I never see any communication between the new switch and the NMS however.  An output of 'sho snmp' is as follows:

0 SNMP packets input

    0 Bad SNMP version errors

    0 Unknown community name

    0 Illegal operation for community name supplied

    0 Encoding errors

    0 Number of requested variables

    0 Number of altered variables

    0 Get-request PDUs

    0 Get-next PDUs

    0 Set-request PDUs

    0 Input queue packet drops (Maximum queue size 1000)

0 SNMP packets output

    0 Too big errors (Maximum packet size 1500)

    0 No such name errors

    0 Bad values errors

    0 General errors

    0 Response PDUs

    0 Trap PDUs

SNMP global trap: disabled

SNMP logging: disabled

SNMP agent enabled

So it's not like packets are getting lost in between, they're never being originated.  I can't find any Cisco documentation that I've missed.  Any ideas?


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Hello! You have to configure the ip address for NMS.Example: snmp-server host XXXX community.

For sending traps you do need at least one host plus you need to enable traps to send.

Ex; snmp-server enable traps .....

For polling the device you are using acl 10 & 11, make sure the ACLs are correct

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