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snmp v3 reachability issue-ASA firewall-9.8(3)


Hi All,

I am trying to do snmpwalk from towards one of the ASA firewall interface ip but getting timeout.

I can ping and traceroute this ip from the source.

Below is the simple snmp v3 configuration i am using.

snmp-server group <SNMP_GROUP> v3 priv

snmp-server user <SNMP_USER> <SNMP_GROUP> v3 auth sha <SNMP_PASS> priv aes 128 <ENC_PASS>

snmp-server host ABC poll version 3 <SNMP_USER>

Already this interface is working fine for snmpv2 and on top of it we want to monitor snmpv3 for another department.

Because none of the other interfaces are reachable apart from

pls assist, attached the diagram.




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is your source ip address is and you are able to ping using ip address


This is not going to work if you use  source ip and destin ip you collector has to be in the same subnet in order to work. or you can use dynamic nat to get this work.

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Hi Sheraz,

Thanks for your reply.

We have many other device in segments and those are all reachable via snmp.

only one firewall interface which is in is not reachable via snmp.

ping is working to this ip form 10.60.x.x, traceroute is also working fine, only snmpwalk is getting timeout.


what is the security level configured on these interfaces. can you share your firewall config and also show us diagram. you said I cant see this network in your earlier diagram.

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