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Trouble in assigning Firepower licenses to a new SSM Satellite in Cisco portal

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Hi guys,


We have 2 FP4100 devices in operation and managed with a FMC virtual. Due to organization policies, there is no Internet access in the hosting site at all. So we use SSM Satellite server VM for Smart Licensing and we synchronize it also with Cisco website manually by offline method. 

Unfortunately because of a failure in our virtualization infrastructure (mainly human error!!), we lost this Satellite VM. Afterward we installed a new SSM Satellite VM (newer version 6.3) and tried to define it in Cisco Smart Account portal, in hope of transferring and assigning our Firepower licenses to this new Satellite. 

Well, without any prior experience we found out this procedures needs us to first unregister FMC from the first Satellite, re-sync it with Cisco portal, then removing it from Cisco and after all this we can have our new Satellite in place with our licenses.  


Though it seems a logical procedure, but what happens when we don't have our first Satellite VM anymore? 

So if anybody has had a similar experience or any idea of how the problem can be solved, please let me know! We are in a bad situation!! 



- Ali


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