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Alfred Berberich

Tufin's Firewall Management Revolution, Sept. 18 ?


Any more detail informations about the Tufin means Revolution ?

Here some infos



  1. The biggest advancement that firewall policy management has seen in the last 20 years
  2. A top-down approach to managing firewall policies
  3. It's under embargo until September 2012
  4. Will be announced at CPUG 2012
  5. All of the above

Be among the first to know!

Join Michael Hamelin on September 18, at the BMW Welt Club Restaurant, at 19:30 PM*.

Address: BMW WELT - Am Olympiapark 1, 80809 Munich

*places limited



Tufin works well with Checkpoint. 

It does NOT work well with Cisco products.

Hi David,

Sorry you had a bad experience in the past with Tufin on Cisco.  I would personally invite you to contact me directly if you want to see the work we've done with Cisco over the past few years.  We recently did a joint session with Cisco at RSA early this year as we joined the Cisco Developer Network and jointly released our CSM support with certified interoperability for the CSM v4.3.

We work hard to be the leading firewall lifecycle suite across all the leading firewall platforms; and we take customer feedback very seriously.

Thank you for your comments,

Michael Hamelin,

Chief Security Architect - Tufin Technologies


I agree with you, Tufin still as of TODAY does not work well with Cisco products. I have setup Tufin in 3 large deployments going all the way back to 2007, its certainly come a long way. Its interesting to me dealing with a lot of vendors how many tell you thats the way it 'used' to be, but weve since fixed something. Don't be gullible.

I specifically purchased Tufin for a large client to perform automatic policy generation so we could create rulebases out of logs, nearly out of thin air. Let me tell you the product is NOT FULLY BAKED in this area, Im surprised a company would sell to a customer a product that has *new* features that are not fully functional. After Months of working with developers in Israel we were left with a clunky and primitive way to create a rulebase and it never fully worked. The customer was angry and pushed me to get a refund, thats how bad it was.

I was provided about 100 scripts, not all at once, they worked one day not the next. The scripts had to continue to be modified to understand Cisco log entries!! I would bounce from cli back to the gui and run scripts with a 25% success rate. You can be the beta tester if you like but products that dont work shouldnt be sold as if they do.

The pendulum continues to swing, in 2006 something went wrong with Firemon (I hear it was political) and it was broken so my company decided to use Tufin. Now I've gone back to using Firemon's Traffic Flow Analysis which does work with Cisco ASA and has the features I wanted to make my life easier, and they are fully functional.


Hey Alfred, we’re keeping the product details stealthy until mid-September, so unfortunately, I can’t offer you many more details at this point. But the news will be big!  You can register here and to receive the full announcement as it happens.

We can also meet up at CPUG CON in Chur or at the launch event in Munich you referenced.

Michael Hamelin,

Chief Security Architect - Tufin Technologies

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