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Upgrade 5.4.1 to 6.0


Getting this error on the upgrade, tried to purge connection events and whatnot...still not close to getting what I need available though.  Thoughts?

ui:[ 2%] Running script 000_start/
ui:[ 3%] Running script 000_start/
ui:[ 4%] Running script 000_start/
ui:[10%] Running script 000_start/
ui:[10%] Running script 000_start/
ui:[10%] Fatal error: Fatal error: Not enough var disk space available. You need at least 117274962K free to perform this upgrade. You have 70186812K free.
ui:[10%] Fatal error: Error running script 000_start/

Waiting on TAC now...



Marvin Rhoads
VIP Community Legend VIP Community Legend
VIP Community Legend

First have a look at this article for the most common causes:

Second, you can poke around in the filesystem and remove some of the obvious bits - logs from previous upgrades etc.

You can use the standard Linux commands to see where the filesystem is being used. For example, navigate up to the root directory and then run:

sudo du -hs * | sort -h

On an older host, the Snort Rule Update (SRU) files can add up quite a bit over time.

Be careful to take care not to delete anything you're unsure about.

Worked with TAC all morning, was the data correlator not pruning bug.  Got that fixed, but it still needs another 20GB to do the upgrade.  That is even after TAC & I went through and deleted all of the logs we can find.  I purged all of the data, I just really do not want to re-deploy the VM.  SFsnort is at 48G and ibdata1 is at 75G...still trying to figure something out.

Hi, Did you get it working for you? If Yes, How? I am having the same disk space issues after I tried to upgrade the firepower sensor from 6.2.0 to 6.2.2. Below are my logs:


[180411 15:23] Starting script: 600_schema/
Entering 600_schema/
check disk space prior to database upgrade
Checking free /root disk space...
[180411 15:23:39] Calculating free disk space (measured in Kbytes)...
[180411 15:23:39] Root disk free = 2807016
2807016K, Var disk free = 1227536K
[180411 15:23:39] Accounting for DE directory size (which will be copied)...
[180411 15:23:40] DEDir = 95400
[180411 15:23:40] Root disk free = 2807016
2807016K, Var disk free = 1132136K
[180411 15:23:40] Root disk free = 2807016
2807016K, Var disk free = 1132136K
./functions.install: line 1185: [: too many arguments
Checking free /var disk space...
Find largest table in /var/lib/mysql ...
Checking for 737280K of /var disk space to upgrade the database
Total /var disk space needed for upgrade is 7926784
vardiskneeded has been adjusted to 3963392
Fatal error: Not enough var disk space available.  You need at least 3963392K free to perform this upgrade.  You have 1132136K free.

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