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URL Filtering Download Failure with Safe Search on

Running Sourcefire version, and getting URL Filtering Download Failure when Safe Search is used in my Access Control Policy Rule. The rule is set with an IP range that is well above the IPs of the server, FMC, or the ASA. The only way I can get the URL Filter to download is to disable the Safe Search Rule.


Anyone else have this problem, or a workaround?


I also have similar issue with ACL filtering on ASA & FMC on code was provided  Bug ID # CSCvf26311 told could be memory leak as logs show symptoms -> Insufficient memory for URLDB  asked to upgrade FMC to ver.  -> Not sure if this will  fix the issue . 

Thanks for the reply, Ramesh. I am currently on version, and I do not have any log messages about memory.


Getting the following error, which only happens with safe search enabled:

Aug 15 2018 13:32:09 FMC SF-IMS[4567]: [4585] CloudAgent:CloudAgent [WARN] DownloadURLDBFilesOnDC: Unexpected status return during URL database update. Status: -1

I have just deployed new appliances and I am getting the same error in the logs:


Mar 18 11:32:43 msl-dc2-fmc SF-IMS[6162]: [6190] CloudAgent:CloudAgent [WARN] DownloadURLDBFilesOnDC: Unexpected status return during URL database update. Status: -1

The fmc and modules are running the latest software:

Hi jdigi

Did you ever find a fix for this? I am getting exactly the same error message.



Hi Mark,


I have since moved over from sourcefire to FTD, and have not seen this happen again since the move.

Currently on version of the FTD software.

Unfortunately when I was still on sourcefire I was never able to get past this issue unless I disabled the safe search rule. I'm sorry, wish I had better input to provide you with.

Thanks for getting back to me JDigi and glad to hear you've got got this working. I've currently got a TAC case open so will post the results as soon as I have them.
I realised I don't have the safe search rule enabled currently, maybe enabling and disabling it will spring it into life? :)

Hopefully I'll have something positive to post soon.
Thanks again
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