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Virtual Defense Center 3D


Page loads are very slow.  Does anyone else experience this?  Anyway to speed things up a bit?  I mean, it is on my LAN and external websites load faster than this.  It's not unusably slow, I'm just wondering if there is anything I can do to improve performance as I dread clicking on anything once I'm in.

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Marvin Rhoads
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Hall of Fame

I've installed about half a dozen and never had that problem.

How many devices are you managing and are they sending a large number of events to the DC?

Hi Marvin,

I'm managing a single device and logging LDAP connections as well, however it was slow before adding the LDAP logging.  Not sure if it would be considered a large number of events.  30 users, one ASA5506.


You're using Virtual FMC on a VM, right? That's what mine is and I am monitoring about 50 users whose reporting is coming from a 3D7125 sensor.

I haven't used a 5506 with FirePOWER in production but the FMC performance should be limited only by the VM resources. I'd check in Vcenter and see how the disk, CPU and memory resources are doing.

Never heard of it referred to as the "FMC", but yes, I am using the FireSIGHT Sourcefire3D virtual machine downloaded from Cisco.  It has 4 vCPU and 4G of memory, which seems like it should be adequate for what I'm doing.  I have virtual machines with 1/4th of those resources that serve pages much faster.

Maybe I am just being picky.

Thanks for your feedback.


I'm running the same thing (latest version currently, but it'd been running earlier versions for a bit over a year) and not seen similar issues. The web interface seems snappy no matter what I do and drill down, multiple tabs etc. all are responsive.

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