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APIC-EM GA Release is Here!


After an extensive beta testing period, Cisco’s Application Policy Infrastructure Controller Enterprise Module, APIC-EM, is now generally available for download on DevNet!  To download the Controller simply access the APIC-EM portal on DevNet, and click on the ‘Downloads’ tile.  This new release features a host of new features not previously included in the beta releases such as: Role based access control, PKI Broker Service, Plug-n-Play, IP Geolocation and much more.

In this initial release there are a few APIs that are currently not present that previously existed in the beta tested releases.  Those features such as Quality of Service (QoS) will be restored within the next product release or so.

On DevNet we’ve added documentation to help the developer easily get started on understanding and using the API.  The recently added Hello World Tutorial provides step-by-step instructions for making APIC-EM REST calls using Postman as well as for making the API calls using Python.  APIC-EM Sandboxes are now available for the GA release, and learning labs along with video tutorials are currently being developed and will be available soon. 

Questions or concerns?  Please post them in our APIC-EM forum on DevNet and our team will provide fast assistance.

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