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Network Optimization Challenge

Problem Description:You are the network administrator for a medium-sized enterprise that relies heavily on its network infrastructure for daily operations. The network consists of multiple Cisco route...


Why do we need Link Local Address In the World of IPv6

IPv6 Link Local address is one of the most confusing topic in the world of IPv6. Because there is no equivalent address in the world of IPv4. The question that arises is what are the benefits of this ...


Cisco SD-WAN Cloud OnRamp for Multicloud on Cisco dCloud

Cisco SD-WAN Cloud On-Ramp for IaaS is a set of capabilities that extend the Cisco SD-WAN overlay fabric to a public cloud instance. This allows remote branches within the SD-WAN overlay fabric to lev...


OSPF Disguised LSA Attack

The idea behind this kind of vulnerability is that per RFC 2328 Section 3.1: Two different instances of an LSA are considered identical if they have the same: • Sequence number • Checksum • Age (+/-...


The C9200CX Series Switches: Now with mGig and hVDC

The mGig and hVDC C9200CX switches expand the very popular line of Catalyst compact switches. Available in 4 different SKUs, these switches enable next generation WiFi 6/6E, as well as smart/sustainab...


Autopsy of Type-2 LSA - OSPFv2 vs OSPF

  When moving from OSPFv2 to OSPFv3, there are many changes in the format of the LSAs Type, but the most known changes are: IP prefix informations are no longer carried in Type-1 LSA and Type-2 LSA, ...


OSPF Flood Reduction for Stable Topologies

By design, OSPF requires link-state advertisements (LSAs) to be refreshed as they expire after 3600 sec. When OSPF network is stable. The OSPF Flooding Reduction feature is used to reducing unnecess...


Cisco IOS XE 17.12.1 for Catalyst Switching

Cisco brings in its new software release IOS-XE 17.12.1 which offers a suite of new software features and introduces new hardware in Catalyst 9K portfolio. This is the Extended Maintenance Release (EM...


OSPF External Path Preference According to RFC

OSPF External Path Preference with RFC 3101 Active   OSPF External Path Preference with RFC 1587 Active / RFC 1583 Active     OSPF External Path Preference with RFC 1587 Active / RFC 1583 Inactive ...


Securing Enterprise with Catalyst 9000 MACsec Encryption

Discover how MACsec, a Layer 2 security protocol, can safeguard your enterprise campus network from unauthorised access and data tampering. We'll explore the seamless integration of MACsec into the po...

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