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BGP Route Reflectors (RR)


BGP Route Reflectors (RR)

Route reflectors (RR) are one of the methods to get rid of the full-mesh of IBGP peers in your network. The route reflector allows all IBGP speakers within your autonomous system to learn about the available routes without creating loops.


There are three types of peering in route reflector:


  1. EBGP neighbor
  2. IBGP client neighbor
  3. IBGP non-client neighbor


When we configure a route reflector (RR), we have to tell the router the other IBGP router is a client or non-client. A  IBGP client is an IBGP router that the route reflector will “reflect” routes to, the non-client is just a regular IBGP neighbor.

When a route reflector forwards a route updates, there are a few rules that must follow:


  • A route learned from an EBGP neighbor can be forwarded to another EBGP neighbor, a client and non-client.
  • A route learned from a client can be forwarded to another EBGP neighbor, client and non-client.
  • A route learned from a non-client can be forwarded to another EBGP neighbor and client, but not to a non-client.


In other words: Route Reflector-RR to advertise route received from an iBGP peers to other iBGP peers. All the valid client update server Route Reflector-RR and server update to all the valid clients.

Each client only establish neighbor relationship with servers, client are not allow to establish neighbor with other clients. Route Reflector (servers) establish neighbor relationship with other servers (if you have more the one servers) and clients.


I hope now you have an idea what is route reflector, so let see the configuration:



Topology:route refelector meas.png