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Cisco APIC-EM and the DevNet Zone at Cisco Live Las Vegas

Recently I gave an online presentation discussing Cisco DevNet, the DevNet Zone which will be at Cisco Live Las Vegas, and the APIC-EM Controller along with the technologies required to use it.

As you may know in 2016, Cisco Live Las Vegas runs from July 10 – 14.  If you plan to arrive one day early you might be highly interested in attending the DevNet Springboard Event which is a free two day event providing training on Network Programmability including various Cisco technologies such as APIC-EM, VIRL, DNA and much more.  There’s also a two day hackathon using collaboration technologies such as Spark, Tropo and several others; prizes will be awarded to winners.

At Cisco Live, the DevNet Zone will be there as always for participants to come to play and learn about Cisco technologies.  There will be over 80 free learning labs readily available with Cisco staff ready to answer questions, demonstration booths, technology and panel sessions, and even Engineer Death Matches.  At the end of each day starting around 5 pm there will be a happy hour featuring dueling pianos, and where there’s technology there must be free beer which will be provided by DevNet during happy hour.

There are several learning labs that cover APIC-EM and I presented a crash course that covered the Coding 101 and Coding 102 labs.  In this presentation I discussed the web service Representational State Transfer (REST), the Cisco product Application Policy Infrastructure Controller Enterprise Module (APIC-EM) and JavaScript Open Notation (JSON).  APIC-EM is a controller based component of the Digital Network Architecture (DNA) and provides REST APIs allowing engineers to automate management of the network.  JSON formatted data is passed and received.  I used Postman which is a web based client to show how REST calls interface with the APIC-EM controller.  I then ran various Python scripts that are provided in the Coding-102 lab and explained the source code function and use.

There was well over one hundred attendees and many signed up for the DevNet Springboard Event afterwards.  At this moment, there’s still room, but it’s filling up fast.  Come see us at the DevNet Zone at Cisco Live, have fun and learn something new.

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