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Community Tech-Talk : Enhancements in EIGRP

Pawan Gupta
Cisco Employee

Being a TAC engineer, my job involves interacting with Cisco's enterprise level end customers on a day-to-day basis. Almost everyday, I come across customers who want to use EIGRP in a certain way, to achieve something specific that was not possible till sometime back, and is now possible using some of the new features that have been introduced in EIGRP off-late. However, due to lack of awareness about these recent developments in EIGRP, we see a lot of customers opening TAC cases to check whether what they want to achieve is possible.

I discussed it with my colleague Rahul Kukreja who also had the very same experience. So, we thought we should do something to spread awareness, to let our customers know that there are several new features in EIGRP, that they implement in their networks so as to achieve optimum routing in the most efficient manner possible. We took the idea to our manager Ajmal Hasan [Manager: Technical Services] who got us in touch with Satish Chandran  [Community Manager]. Satish suggested that we should do a Tech-Talk covering all these new enhancements in EIGRP for the benefit of customers. We really liked the idea and started working on it.

Over a period of a couple of months, we went through all the documents available on CCO regarding these features. We also scanned Cisco Support Forums to further understand the type of questions customers have, so that we can cover them during the Tech-Talk. We tested all the features on our test-bed to understand all the nuances of these features.

During the tech-talk, we've covered the following :

  • EIGRP IETF Draft
    •     Why did Cisco open up EIGRP?
    •     Benefits for customers
  • EIGRP Named Mode
    •     What is named mode?
    •     Why should I use it?
    •     How easy is it to migrate from classic EIGRP to named mode?
    •     Advantages and New Features

You may watch the Tech-Talk and download the detailed presentation here.

We've tried to cover most of the useful features during this tech-talk. I hope this has been an informative session and proves useful for understanding all these new features in EIGRP. Please do share your feedback and opinion via  the comments session below.

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