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Do you have a product enhancement idea for routers?

Community Manager

Our product teams want to hear from you!  We have opened up product enhancement ideas for the following products:

  • ISR 4000 Series
  • ISR 800 Series
  • Cloud Services Router 1000

All you have to do is login to the Enterprise Networks Customer Connection Program (CCP) or join if you aren't already a member.  Then navigate to the Enterprise Networks track --> product enhancement forum.  The process is easy as 1, 2, 3. Our product teams will be taking a look and using that input to decide on future product releases.

Head to the community now to submit

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Cisco Employee

Hyperconverged Scalable LoadBalancer/FirePower (Firewall.), Storage, and Network (Switching, and Routers (Routing.).

Fairly pretty basic components. But with Cloud Orchestration, and even Fabric Interconnect. In other words, can Cisco converge all in One Engine?


I know this brainstorming. But, can the IC design workout? Can Cisco Converge and Offer its' own solutions in one?


If you take the Nexux 7K and the ASR 9000 Series. What if you could Converge everything in One? That would be Massive? But tending to lend this role in the Data Center for client comfort. if they want to build out on Open Source design or Proprietary. 


Why not become the Architecture Solution for Cloud? Rather than just compete for Market Share? Be that which empowers the Cloud. The Solution. Infra, Integral, and Backbone. 


Be the HyperConverged Bridge.


I'm no expert. But, could there be a technology that can graft all pieces of Architecture in One? Something that builds something amazing? One Masterpiece.


MultLayer IOS, Routing (ASR), and every image. In other words, if OpenSource is using this design for scalable Architecture. Why not just beat them at their own game? Cisco can make the scalable. You can even do multiplexing/demultiplexing. Grab the Cloud! Take it! Win it! Defeat it! Be the Architecture in Place. That which drives and delivers the best of all worlds.



Cisco Employee

One more thought.....


Cisco has one of the best opportunities to market and sell One Converged Solution, offering its' own compute. Though storage is mostly driven by EMC/Dell and NetApp. However, there's always the compute component they share in. Meaning, you must have compute to drive the end piece component to Storage. 

If Cisco build Hyperconverged Bridge Design, with One Scalable Solution, that can obviously grow and added to it. The Dividends in selling Compute. 

You could reduce physical footprint in Data Center for Network, Storage (MDS), Routing, Load Balancing, Firewall, etc. And make the more the more preferable offering for Compute. Thus, the client will pay the cost for the One Scalable Solution, giving up preferable space/power to Compute. It's consolidating it to One. Leaf Architecture is still good. But, if you can make it seemingly less footprint with good resiliency and failover design in place. It can be a win-win scenario.

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