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Enterprise Guide to Establishing IPv6 Internet Connectivity

Cisco Employee

Forward thinking enterprises understand the benefits of the transition to IPv6.  However, even if and enterprise is fully IPv6 capable, a network administrator needs to use a service provider in order to get IPv6 connectivity to the Internet.  Even if a service provider claims that they can offer IPv6 service, the burden falls to the customer to understand exactly what they expect from their service provider so that they can achieve their goals.

Towards that end, a collaborative document has been posted to the Cisco DocWiki in order to help customers systematically consider their IPv6 connectivity needs and to ensure that they ask the right questions before committing to a new service.

Please visit to find a document to help network administrators have a productive IPv6 discussion with their service provider. 

Customers of Cisco Services are welcome to share their own experiences by editing and improving the document.

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