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IPv6 Feature Packaging in Cisco Routers and Switches

Cisco Employee

Until 2009, most Cisco routers and switches treated IPv6 as a premium feature. Under that packaging model, basic IPv6 routing appeared only in the Advanced IP Services or Enterprise Services and higher feature packages in almost all routers, and appeared only in the Advanced IP Services and higher feature packages of Cisco Catalyst Series switches.

Since that time, Cisco has worked to make IPv4 and IPv6 as equivalent from a packaging point of view. As a general rule, any IPv6 equivalent of an IPv4 feature will appear at the same license level as that IPv4 feature, including IPv6 routing as part of the base packaging.   To fully understand the changes, you can read Cisco’s documents about IPv6 feature parity on routers and IPv6 feature parity on switches (along with additional details for the switches).

If you are lazy like me, you just want a bottom line. What versions of Cisco router and switch software support this IPv4 and IPv6 equivalence, where simple IPv6 capacbility appears in the base feature set?

IOS M & T series: 15.0 and later

IOS SX series: 12.2(33)SXI and later

IOS SG series: 12.2(52)SG and later

IOS SE series: 12.2(50)SE and later

IOS SR: 12.2(33)SRE and later

IOS-XE: 2.5 and later
IOS-XR: All releases

NX-OS: All releases

Of course, no simple rules can exist without exceptions. For example, some older platforms like the ISR G1 have not undergone this transformation and will still adhere to the pre-2009 licensing scheme. For an authoritative answer on which features exist in specific platform, version and feature set combinations, please use the IOS Feature Navigator tool.

As usual, we always welcome your questions in the IPv6 Intergration and Transition Discussion Area of the Cisco Support Forums.

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