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LMS 3.2.1 CmfDbMonitor Connection Error


A while back I ran across a quirky issue that consumed a number of hours to resolve. I documented it and perhaps it can save you some effort.

The problem description indicated that from within any portal page an error is displayed stating that the DCR server is down.

It was determined that services dependant on CmfDbMonitor were not starting.

Process= CmfDbMonitor
State  = Waiting to initialize.
Info   = Server started by admin request

And from the logs:

CmfDbMonitor ERROR {Thu Aug 18 16:46:26 2011} SQLDriverConnect: 
[Sybase][ODBC Driver][SQL Anywhere]Connection error:
Found server but communication error occurred; SqlState: 08001

Output of cwjava -cw <NMSROOT> cmf 
shows it cannot connect to JVM.

We then validated the database and received no errors!


C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator>C:\PROGRA~1\CSCOpx\bin\cwjava -cw C:\PRO
GRA~1\CSCOpx\ cmf

java.sql.SQLException: JZ006: Caught IOException: Con
nection refused: connect
        at com.sybase.jdbc2.jdbc.ErrorMessage.raiseError(
        at com.sybase.jdbc2.jdbc.ErrorMessage.raiseErrorCheckDead(
        at com.sybase.jdbc2.tds.Tds.handleIOE(
        at com.sybase.jdbc2.tds.Tds.handleIOE(
        at com.sybase.jdbc2.tds.Tds.login(
        at com.sybase.jdbc2.jdbc.SybConnection.tryLogin(
        at com.sybase.jdbc2.jdbc.SybConnection.regularConnect(
        at com.sybase.jdbc2.jdbc.SybConnection.<init>(
        at com.sybase.jdbc2.jdbc.SybConnection.<init>(
        at com.sybase.jdbc2.jdbc.SybDriver.connect(
        at java.sql.DriverManager.getConnection(
        at java.sql.DriverManager.getConnection(

CmfDbEngine           Program started - No mgt msgs received    9012
CmfDbMonitor          Waiting to initialize.                    9748

Next we attempted a dbping -z -c "eng=cmfEng" and received Ping server successful. However dbping -z -c "dsn=cmf" returned:

Attempting to connect using:
Attempting to connect to a running server...
Trying to start TCPIP link ...
TCP using Winsock version 2.2
My IP address is
My IP address is
    TCPIP link started successfully
Attempting TCPIP connection (address found in sasrv.ini cache)
Looking for server with name cmfeng
Trying to find server at address localhost
Found server, verifying server name
Verification of server name failed
Sending broadcast to find server
Found database server at address
Found database server cmfeng on TCPIP link
Connected using client address
Connected to server over TCPIP at address
Communication function sconn::receive code 4
Communication function ApplicationConnect code 3
Client disconnected
Cannot connect to server
Ping server failed -- Connection error: Found server but communication
error occurred.

Note Startup Parameters:

-x tcpip{HOST=localhost;DOBROADCAST=NO;ServerPort=43441} -m -ti 0 -gm
200   -c 8M -n cmfEng C:\PROGRA~1\CSCOpx\databases\cmf\cmf.db -n cmfDb

Finally we saw a dll that did not appear to be needed as it is primarily used by APC.  pl15w2sp.dll


The dll is related to LSP (

A common issue is corruption of the Winsock catalog in the registry, and the entire TCP/IP  stack could fail.

The ultimate fix was found here:

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