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One way routing


Hi everyone


I've attached a basic diagram which hopefully explains my setup. Please see Diagram 1a. This time, I've also added routes that I currently have configured on each device.


Routes on Vodafone router:     


Routes on the Core switch:         


Routes on Checkpoint:      UGHD 0 0 0 External                     U 0 0 0 External                        U 0 0 0 Internal           UGD 0 0 0 External                       UGD 0 0 0 Internal                          UGD 0 0 0 Internal                             UGD 0 0 0 External


The problem:

Users on /16 are unable to access the /16 network. Diagram 1b shows a traceroute from to It times out after hitting


Access the other way works fine. Users on /16 can access /16 fine but the traceroute looks odd to me. It can be seen in Diagram 1c.


Would you be able to review the routes I currently have in place and confirm where I'm going wrong please? I'd like to clarify that the routes I currently have in place are correct. Also, would like assistance on what route I need to add on the Fortigate.


Many thanks in advance.

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I think that the following route is missing on the Checkpoint firewall:

  • via

Without this route, trafic coming from Site B has to pass through Vodafone Router to reach but Vodafone router does not have a specific route to this subnet.