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OSPF Demystified With RFC Version 3.1 Kindle Edition

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OSPF Demystified With RFC Version 3.1: RFC Request For Comments Translated Into Practice With 101 Labs OSPF Routing Protocol Kindle Edition  

OSPF Routing Protocol is the most used protocol in the world, especially in the world of service provider, through this hand-on-labs workbook, you will discover another aspect of OSPF which is the RFCs that stands for "Request For Comments", A Request for Comments (RFC) is a formal document developed by a committee of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and subsequently reviewed by interested parties. Memos in the RFC document series contain technical and organizational notes about the Internet. They cover many aspects of computer networking, including protocols.
One of these internet protocols, OSPF is described in many RFCs, and why it is important to read and understand these RFCs? because there are many differences about path selection and behaviors between them such as Type 7 translation, summary cost, forward address, and so on, this impact is very important to know it in order to interpret an OSPF behavior.
This new approach of OSPF with RFC changes drastically the traditional path selection based on: 1-ROUTE TYPE and 2-COST.
The changes are huge, another order of selection should be taken in consideration with RFC.
The goal of this atypical and unique ebook in the world: is to translate the RFCs into Practice through 101 uncommon scenarios.