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SFP compatibility


Hi, i have SFP 1000BaseLX SFP (PID-GLC-LH-SMD) which is inserted on WS-C3560CX port, i want to use this SFP to interconnect switch WS-C3560CX and WS-C4506-E port module WS-X4712-SFP+E,  could you please confirm if SFP 1000BaseLX is supported on module WS-X4712-SFP+E.

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Yes.  It will work as long as the fibre patch is single-mode as well.


Just to added on to what @Leo Laohoo stated, you can look up the compatibility of any SFP under the Transceiver Compatibility Matrix site. I use it all the time the nice thing about it is that it also will let you know what version of code you need to be on to support the SFP if there is a requirement. In your case this is the output for the WS-X4712-SFP+E:

filtered out put on Transciever Matrixfiltered out put on Transciever Matrix

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TMG website is close to useless because the people maintaining the page is not updating the page regularly.  


@Leo Laohoo I would say that in general you should verify with TAC, your Cisco SE, or your Cisco Partner to verify before making a major purchasing decision. In my experience it has been accurate. In fact it was just recently updated to a new portal and search engine recently. I have been using it with no problems, so I guess mileage will very. Maybe you can let me know where it has let you astray as that would be a great heads up, but I haven't seen anything right not to let me know otherwise.


Perhaps someone from Cisco can chime in here and validate if we should not use the transceiver compatibility matrix because it is in accurate.

Cisco 3560CX has 2 1G SFP and ports which can support 1G SFP modules like GLC-LH-SMD (Single mode) and GLC-SX-MMD (Multimode) and GLC-TE= which is for copper cable.


WS-X4712-SFP+E is a 12 port 10G line card which can support both 1G and 10G SFP modules.

1G Modules  (GLC-LH-SMD=, GLC-SX-MMD) 

10G Modules (SFP-10G-LR, SFP-10G-SR)


you can use both side GLC modules it will work.


you cannot use 1 side GLC and another side SFP-10G which will not work.


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