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What's coming up in the January TS Newsletter?

Julie Burruss

The January TS Newsletter launches next week on January 17th. Here's a look at what's coming up:

  • Check out the new "Create Your Career" learning series from Cisco Learning Network
  • Get Tips and Tricks to Make an ISE Deployment Stable and Scalable in this month's Chalk Talk from Vivek Santuka
  • Learn more about Jimmy Ray's first true love when you spend  time with your favorite TechWiseTV geeks
  • Get IPv6 Stateful NAT64 Configuration Steps in this month's TAC Tip
  • Check the schedule for upcoming Ask the Expert and TechAdvantage events and webinars
  • Learn How to Obtain a Competitive Edge by Outsourcing IT Services

All  this, plus New Cisco Documentation, updates from Your Support Website, and the only list  of all new of updated techncial documents published last month. Spend  your holiday vacation getting caught up on all the news you can use,  brought to you each month by the TS Newsletter.

Are you subscribed?  Do it now to have the January issue delivered to your inbox next week.

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