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What's coming up in the October TS Newsletter?

Julie Burruss

The October TS Newsletter launches next week on October 17th.  Here's what you'll miss if you're not subscribed:

  • Find out Jimmy Ray Purser's Top Three Favorite Cisco Features.
  • Learn how to Take Your Cisco Certification to the Next Level with Learning@Cisco's Next Level Certification Challenge.
  • See how to search CSC's Experts Bureau, or better yet, apply to become one yourself!
  • Understand the Differences Between Fabric Manager and Data Center Network Manager Licenses in our Expert to Expert feature by Andrea Baldan.
  • Get tips on Troubleshooting DTMF Relay over MGCP in this month's Chalk Talk by Karan Moudgil.
  • Register to meet Cisco Press authors from across the  technology spectrum in Cisco Learning Network's exciting webinar series.
  • Browse through a mere 82 new technnical documents, all written by Cisco TAC engineers.

All this plus New Production Documentation, updates from Your Support Website, and other upcoming events.  What are you waiting  for? Subscribe now, and check out current and past issues on the TS Newsletter website.  And don't forget to bookmark the Technical Documents page.

What do you want to see in the TS Newsletter?  Tell us what you think...

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