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16.12.2 Beta Release for Routing Platforms


Enterprise Routing Business Unit is glad to announce Beta release 16.12.2 for all Routing Platforms such as ASR1K, ISR1K, ISR4K, ISRv, CSR1K Platforms. This release is made available to allow users to test, evaluate and share feedback before General Availability (GA). We encourage customers and internal users to test the Beta code and share your feedback as soon as possible. 


Obtaining Pre-Release Software 

1. Please fill-up a simple request access form here: @Signup
2. Once the above step is completed and NDA is signed, access to pre-released software will be made available to Cisco Beta  Customers within 24 hours @ our share site

[NOTE: Please make sure to use Aspera Client to download files. If downloading for the first time from you will be prompted to install Aspera Client on top of Website]


Issues and questions:
For any issues, questions or feedback, please send an email to

Alternatively, you can also fill up a feedback form: Feedback Form 


Non-Disclosure Agreement: 

This software and accompanying documentation are being provided to you under the non-disclosure agreement between you, your organization and Cisco. Please do not discuss this project and its features outside of the Beta related mailing lists


Note: The software is intended for lab test environments only and not recommended for Production use. 


16.12.2 Resolved Caveats:


CSCvp89419 Error messages seen when configuring "logging persistent protected" on ASR1K routers
CSCvq61992 ISR1100 not booting up after power cycle and gets stuck in boot loop - replaystore file corruption
CSCvg68226 Excluding cisco802TapMIB or ciscoTap2MIB should not require Lawful Intercept licence
CSCvn77152 Cisco Secure Boot Hardware Tampering Vulnerability
CSCvp08353 Add ERROR message over IOS console when HSPRDA TCAM region gets full
CSCvp12020 Multiple Vulnerabilities in openssl
CSCvp38857 unable to modify interface speed for CSRv cEdge
CSCvp63384 RP2/RP3 : reload time/reason is not getting updated in "onboard logging .. uptime" CLI
CSCvp67887 crash seen due to low memory in DAPR FNF collector process
CSCvp69393 Router crashes after snmpget to OID related to NHRP
CSCvp75942 ASR1K Greenday P2 SyncE: if timing input is configured on 40G 0/2/2 or 0/1/0, timing output drift
CSCvp98906 Keyman leak@keyman_app_crypto_encrypt_data_req_message_handler with internal dot1x configuration
CSCvq02215 ASR1K-X WATCHDOG crashes while printing to console
CSCvq07419 DMVPN - Loopback interface as Tunnel source; packet not hitting NAT when egressing DMVPN device
CSCvq08255 Neptune: 10G link does not come up after reload with GE-T SFP inserted in FPGE SFP slot
CSCvq19808 Egress shaping on port-channel sub-intf  tail dropping traffic long before rate
CSCvq23869 ASR 1k sub-interface counters wrong.
CSCvq24296 [eWLC-SIT]sim-AP presents AP-certificate which is signed by an expired CA,controller is accepting it
CSCvq25297 BRI leased line can't come up automatically after remove/insert one side's cable
CSCvq31129 AppNav: Optimization failed with Asymmetrical traffic, VRF, FNF and NBAR
CSCvq34893 Template push to CEdge fails when we change the access VLAN on a switchport from VLAN 1
CSCvq39121 ISR4k crash during packet inspection due to stuck thread
CSCvq43550 C1111-4P doesn't restart authentication for "clear authen session"  if "authen open" the port
CSCvq45088 asr1k BDI not working properly for packet fragmentation - very small fragments are getting dropped
CSCvq49000 Supervisor reloaded due to cpp_cp_svr process crashing
CSCvq58144 cpp_cp_svr crash in cpp_bqs_rm_yoda_select_sch_exponent
CSCvq58237 Supervisor reload due to cpp_cp_svr crash.
CSCvq59249 nightwatch port-channel not in the flood list from host
CSCvq61590 ESP reload due to cpp_cp_svr exception at cpp_bqs_exponent_cnt_validate
CSCvq70071 flow data is not populated into /tmp/xml/fnf
CSCvq71459 clear platform condition all causes router to crash when UTD removed/reconfigured
CSCvq74418 connectivity is broken on ingress-replication L2DP/VXLAN
CSCvq74831 Enable modem CO4 setting for VDSL CPE
CSCvq77821 port flap when cable pulled on ASR1000-2T+20X1GE with AWC SFP model
CSCvq81620 Router crashes with ZBF HA sync.
CSCvq85556 commit PD fix for CSCvp47006-QoS counter didn't generate at ASR1001-X
CSCvq85913 FlexVPN with password encryption -- after MasterKey change password in profile is not working
CSCvq98095 Gi0/0/0 interface stays up/up and LED green after cable removed
CSCvq98949 ASR1000-RP3: Punt Keepalive Failure (Punt LINK DOWN) or RP FREEZE
CSCvr00983 Unrecoverable Error with PVDM in 0/4 and Thule+dreamliner in 1/0 on ISR4300
CSCvr01454 Punt fragment crash when receive EoGRE packets which have many fragments
CSCvr02622 getvpn suiteb : Multiple re-init is sending multiple gm delete rekeys when group size changed
CSCvr07162 system crash on execute "fed TCAM utilization"
CSCvr09261 Update D-LTE-GB, D-LTE-AS, D-LTE-NA in vendortype oid file
CSCvr18780 zbfw: Zbfw session is not being created for traffic from spoke to spoke via hub on hub with zbfw
CSCvr23456 GETVPN pfs, lifetime calculation shows wrong after scheduled rekey for pfs and non-pfs group members
CSCvo76058 CSR: Unconfiguring VPG interface causes a traceback
CSCvp27139 Async lines configuration is not retrievable over netconf
CSCvp65615 Traceback: Critical/high priority process CMTS MAC Parser may not dismiss
CSCvp68166 CDETS to follow up fix "P-bit Sev Err Secs" increasing in patterns of 256 in SM-X-1T3/E3 in ISR4451
CSCvp83569 sometimes port channel can't removed from in span configuration
CSCvp91363 Failed to program the MAC address in Hardware upon MAC Move in VPLS
CSCvp93343 fman_cc interface download fail log when swapping 48P and 20p Nightwatch
CSCvp97408 show sdwan ip fib CLI does not show any forwarding information.
CSCvp99550 ISRv GE intefaces show ingress traffic even in admin shut down state
CSCvq25330 Traceback@cpp_vbuginf_flags_error after no card
CSCvq43826 SIT 16.9.4: Quake Egress ACL logging does not log or show matches on permit
CSCvq62151 Mac Address not learned on larger VLAN id when port-security is configured
CSCvq80220 Azure: AN: CSR - 4 or 8 nic - incorrect output in "show platform soft vnic-if database" command
CSCvr02957 Re-add app-hosting move support - removed in v16.12.1
CSCvr27714 CSR+SDWAN on AWS will install default route in startup config which conflicts with some topologies