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16.6.4 Beta Release for Catalyst Switches


16.6.4 Beta Release for Catalyst Switches


Enterprise Switching Business Unit is happy to announce availability of Beta release of 16.6.4. This will be the second beta rebuild on 16.6.4, targeted towards Catalyst 9500/9400/9300/3850/3650 switching platforms.  We are looking for early feedback from customers before 16.6.4 software release is posted on CCO for General Availability (GA). This beta software addresses critical customer found defects are mentioned below.


Obtaining Pre-Release Software

  1. Please sign-up for the beta @ Sign-up
  2. Once above step is completed and NDA is signed, access to pre-released software will be made available to Cisco Beta Customers at the share site

[NOTE: Please make sure to use Aspera Client to download files. If downloading for the first time from you will be prompted to install Aspera Client on top of Website]


Issues and questions:
For any issues, questions or feedback, please send email to


Non-Disclosure Agreement: 

This software and accompanied documentation is being provided to you under the non-disclosure agreement between you, your organization and Cisco. Please do not discuss this project and its features outside of the Beta related mailing lists



16.6.4 Beta Release 2 Resolved Caveats


CSCvj49476 Telnet Sessions Hang/Become unavailable at execution of "show run"
CSCvj15473 Linux IOSD crash with sh vtp counters cmd
CSCvf73938 [ECA-SIT] 9500 broader/map server fed crash seen during monitor capture running
CSCvj08408 LED status remains Amber when using "switchport mode dot1q-tunnel" under port-channel
CSCvb69966 Memory leak under LLDP Protocol process
CSCvb81225 FED2.0: Rework solution for CSCui78105 - DHCP packets ingress on L3 intf and unicast to client
CSCuv14856 WATCHDOG timeout crash during IPSEC phase 2
CSCvf53053 Crash when issuing no dspfarm profile x stuck on DOWN_PENDING state.
CSCvj13139 16.6.2// Catalyst 9K/ FMAN FP failing to create objects for some prefixes
CSCvj11315 Cat9k crash after reloading member standby and active
CSCvj33874 3850/3650 - Memory leak after enabling AVB due to PTP
CSCvi11123 FMFP-3-OBJ_DWNLD_TO_DP_FAILED error after modifying QoS policy
CSCvi75086 Rapid TDL memory leak in SMD process leads to crash of active switch in stack
CSCvh87270 StackWise Virtual 3850-48XS not forwaring IGMP traffic over the standby switch.
CSCvi98619 Fix ios_gd_leaks and ios_gdchunk_leaks option for memleak script
CSCvi15897 Silent Reload on Cat3850 running Everest 16.6.2
CSCvi52685 Ping loss for more than 10 seconds when 3850 stack active reboot (No REP)
CSCvi63876 SVL: Memory leak when IGMP group leaves or timeout
CSCvj33874 3850/3650 - Memory leak after enabling AVB due to PTP
CSCvj26313 Static mac addition failure due to CSCvf47917
CSCvh84345 IOS CLI "show platform software fed switch active punt cause summary" may display negative counts.


16.6.4 Beta Release 2 Open Caveats


CSCvj56627 The 9300 - 16.6.3 fail forward any packets with vxlan/lisp header
CSCvj07530 Windows CE device loose connectivity is 5 minutes when connected to 3850 running Polaris
CSCvj17991 [FED-PUNJECT] Punject driver without updating the write pointer but busy bit is set to FALSE
CSCvj34263 PuntInject Process crash after PUNT keepalive missing.
CSCvj51419 Crash after add/removing VLANs with dot1x configured
CSCvi42720 FED DHCP snooping output does not list port-channel member interfaces
CSCvi96502 WS-C3850-48XS-S  interface up/down delay with 48 SFP module inserted.

16.6.4 Beta Release 1 Resolved Caveats


CSCvh85482 memory utilization increasing for tams_proc
CSCvh89372 Memory leak in linux_iosd-image or platfrom_mgr
CSCvc47165 SFP port detect link-flap error and it's in error-disabled state on 3650
CSCvi38191 Memory leak in lman process due to "ld_license_ext.dat" build-up.
CSCvh80110 HSRP vMAC may fail to get programmed after switchover
CSCvg64578 Polaris 16.6.1 reflects back multicast traffic recieved from from source on the same vlan.
CSCvg60743 WS-C3650-24TD crashing after configuring CTS on uplink 10G port (2x1G,2X10G)
CSCvh21619 Unexpected reload @ ngwc_hash_find
CSCvh73819 C3850 crash on bulk_vlan_stats_msg_stats_set_internal
CSCvh28104 C3850: QSFP-H40G-CU5M 40g not showing as up on peer
CSCvh48585 Cat9300 ether-channel fails on 16.6.2 when configured with native VLAN which is manually suspended
CSCvh70501 Continuous CRCs seen on links using ACWXXX GLC-GE-100FX
CSCvi09054 Stackwise Virtual: Routing Neighborships on Standby dont come up with MTU > 9116
CSCvh11396 Switchport Security Command triggering Bulk Sync Failure
CSCvh52059 SFP-GE-T 100M full link is half duplex after reinserting SFP
CSCvi15897 Silent Reload on Cat3850 running Everest 16.6.2
CSCvi48995 On mGig SKU (downlink ports) - Link down with forced speed100/full duplex on both ends
CSCvi37510 LACP hotstandby port LED is green after switch boot up
CSCvi39202 DHCP fails when DHCP snooping trust is enabled on uplink etherchannel
CSCvi26179 Cat9k crash while accessing OBFL
CSCvg77396 C3650 port went to err-disable due to link-flap detected after shutdown no shut
CSCvg89940 Adjacency Objects fail to program and connectivity gets lost - %FMFP-3-OBJ_DWNLD_TO_DP_FAILED
CSCvh22043 9400: QoS Buffer allocation differently based on the speed for uplink ports
CSCvh83520 Seeing traffic dropping for 24 ports for Vat69 on slot 7
CSCvh87131 TRACEBACK: OID cefcModuleEntry crashes the box
CSCvi19809 Memory leak on C9300 due TMS process
CSCvh93622 table-manager show command not working properly
CSCvi45429 HSRP Virtual IP goes unreachable after shut/no shut on the vlan SVI
CSCvh87270 StackWise Virtual 3850-48XS not forwaring IGMP traffic over the standby switch.
CSCvh99574 Mcast traffic loss after SWO
CSCvh63868 Cat3850/Cat9x00: memory increase by fed_main_event ~500 MB is observed overnight run



16.6.4 Beta 1 Open Caveats


CSCvi84986 ETA : Use the HIGH_RATE_APP queue instead of LOGGING queue.
CSCvi87568 Cat9500 / 16.6.3 - Stackwise-virtual instability- Standby member reloads spontaneously
CSCvi91730 cts manual MACsec between cat9k and cat4k cause interface flaps

Enhancement to add a CPU Q for OOB Traffic

CSCvj08408 Seeing cpuhog when apply related command
CSCvg85084 3850 mGig port autonegotiated but remain down if remote device is configured manually to 100/Full
CSCvi06186 Cat3850 stack logging onboard(OBFL) config disappear after switchover
CSCvi79272 switch output PLATFORM-4-ELEMENT_WARNING when reload active
CSCvi83570 C3850 PWR-C3-750WAC-R show \"Power Bad\" after removing power cable
CSCvi92309 C9400: QoS bandwidth egress policy doesn't work on 10/100/1000 LC
CSCvi96502 WS-C3850-48XS-S  interface up/down delay with 48 SFP module inserted.
CSCvj07831 Multicast flow not recognised for UDP port 2048
CSCvj16439 Catalyst 9300 is not correctly recognized by SNMP agent

In the beta share for 16.6.4, the 9300 folder is empty and the 3650/3850 folder has a partial file in it.

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